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The Home Page is the only page in the website that is not password protected. 


At the top is a standard menu bar.  All users will see the Home, Review or Modify Entries, Options and About menu items.  Scoring judges will see the Scoring menu item and CAs will see all items.



A description of the menu items follows:


Home - returning to the Home page or starting a contest entry for a chorus or quartet

Review or Modify Entries - allows a review or modification to existing entries

Scoring - used by scoring judges and CAs to enter scores on line when a contest is being run virtually

Performers Admin - allows a ADM Judge to examine (and where appropriate modify) the members list, choruses, quartets, affiliations (ie which members are in which ensembles or clubs/chapters) and in the case of national conventions, the registered delegates to those conventions

Contest Admin - allows a ADM Judge to set up contests at a convention, to view the lists of qualifiers for a national convention, registered users of the website and to obtain updates of the desktop suite.

Options - to allow individuals to register as a user on this website, to change their password, to retrieve forgotten user names or to reset a password

About - this help system and some obligatory descriptions of hte website and the privacy policy


The remainder of the website has information on contest entry, other procedures and some important deadlines.  In the middle of the page is listed any contests for which entries are currently open together with buttons allow a direct start to make an entry for a chorus or a quartet.


At some times of year, no contests will be open for entries of course!!












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