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Modify Quartet Members





Modify Quartet Members


The actual membership of a quartet is determined by the BHA or BHNZ database, or in the case of Invitational, Delegate and Schools quartets, by the CA.


However, during an original quartet contest entry, the quartet list can be by-passed if not all quartet members are current members of BHA or BHNZ as the case may be, or, the case of a national contest, not all quartet members are registered delegates for convention.  The Modify Quartet Members screen allow the quartet representative to confirm the membership when all members are active in either BHA or BHNZ or have registered for convention in the case of a national contest.


Select the Quartet, go to modify mode



Then click on Members (in similar fashion to modifying a chorus list).


The Review Quartet Members button will generate a new entry form and display it showing the quartet members.


Submit Quartet Members does exactly this.  It is followed a declaration screen as follows:







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