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Participation in an ensemble or membership of a club is recorded in the Affiliations.  (Participation and membership are the HarmonySite terminology for these relationships for those familiar with the HarmonySite API).


Affiliations with BHA and BHNZ quartets, choruses and clubs is controlled entirely by the respective HarmonySite websites.  For invitational quartets and choruses, they need to be established by the ADM Judge when setting up these groups.


The members database is shown on the left and a particular member can be selected.  Either a quartet or a chorus (as determine by the radio button settings) is selected in the middle and the affiliations are shown in the right column.  Note that in this example, both a member and a quartet have been selected, so that the affiliations of each are shown.


When an invitational quartet or chorus is being set up, select the member and the ensemble, and click one of the six buttons top right to make the affiliation.  Note that only choruses will have a director and only quartets will have particular parts.  A (non-singing) member can be added to a quartet as a fifth affiliated member if that person is the one who is going to make an entry in contest, eg a teacher for a schools group.  For invitational choruses, it is only necessary to affiliate the music director and, optionally, one other person if the latter is the one that is going to make the entry into contest.


An affiliation can be deleted by clicking on the Delete button on an affiliation in the right hand column.


Note that for BHA and BHNZ, only active members will show in any affiliations.  BHA and BHNZ members are likely to have an affiliation with a Club as well as with an ensemble (or three).








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