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Contest Groups Admin


The opening screen displays forthcoming contest groups:



The radio-buttons at the top change the display in an obvious fashion.


The three buttons on the right of each line allow the ContestGroup to be setup or modified.


The Update button allows changes in the overall major features of the group:



These features of the setup of the contestgroup are the same as described in the BHAdmin help.


The middle of the three buttons on the right of each listed contest group allows the setup of the individual contests within the contest group. 


Most important in the setup of the individual contests is the concept of primary and secondary contests.  A primary contest is, in effect, a traffic pattern in which a number of ensembles (although usually only one or the other of quartets and choruses) perform and any individual ensemble might be in one or more secondary contests.  In the example above, all the quartets are in a single traffic pattern.  Any individual quartet might be competing in the Open, the Women's and the Senior (in a single performance) and another quartet in just the Open and the Men's. 


Note that in the display above, All Quartets is a primary contest (and is bolded) while all the other contests shown are secondary contests (and are in normal weight font).


Contests are added by clicking on the Add button next to one of the contests listed on the right.  This list can be shortened by use of the radio-buttons or the drop down box.  (In most cases, the drop down box should be set on "All" - it only needs to be set to other values for PanPac where there are specific BHA and BHNZ contests in addition to the PanPac contests).  The available contests list is shortened each time a contest is selected.


When a contest is first added, it will be set as a primary (1o) contest.  To make a contest a secondary (2o) contest, click on the button in the "1o or 2o" column.  If the button is presently , then a primary contest will be made secondary.  If the button is presently , then a secondary contest will be made primary. 


Note that when a contest is changed from primary to secondary, it will be made a secondary contest to the primary contest above it.  (The top line can only be a primary contest).  When a secondary contest is made primary, all contests underneath it (but above any other primary contest), will be made secondary to this primary contest. 


Secondary contests have their primary contest named in the "Primary Contest" column.  Note that primary contests, for obvious reasons, do not have a primary contest listing in this column. 


You will make life much easier for yourself if you put in the first primary contest first, so that it is at the top of the list, eg All Quartets.  Then put in all the quartet contests - they will go in as primary contests.  Then start at the first of what will be the secondary quartet contests and make them secondary to the "All Quartets". 


If contests are out of order or another quartet contest is added later after the chorus contests, use the up and down buttons on the right to change the order.  Do this BEFORE making the new quartet contest a secondary contest!!


The number of rounds and number of songs in each round can be set with the appropriate buttons.  You can only change these on secondary contests (and the numbers next to the primary contest will be the maximum for any secondary contest).  For example, an invitation SAI quartet might want to sing a 3 song SAI contest package for evaluation.  Only change the number of songs on this one contest (although there is an "Invitational Quartet (3 Songs)" option available for selection.  Only change the number of rounds for a quartet contest at nationals which is a two round contest, eg Open or Men's, but not Senior.


Note too the difference in contests for some gender and age based contests.  BHA has gender specific Senior contests, ie three separate Senior Men's, Senior Mixed and Senior Women's quartets (and choruses).  BHNZ has gender blind age based contests, ie a single Senior contest for Men's, Mixed and Women's.  Make sure you select the correct ones!!


The Admin button on the very right of the main screen allows you to specify the CA, the ACA (if any) and other admin features such as the opening and closing dates for the contest.  These need to be setup for each of the primary contests separately.  After clicking on the Admin button, select the primary contest and the display is then:



 The ADM Judge can be selected from the column on the right.  Any changes require the Update button to be clicked.  It is necessary to click on Mark 'No ACA' if this is correct (or the system will complain that the ACA has not been set).


Use the radio-buttons at the top to select three different pages in the Admin setup.  The ACA setup (where there is an ACA) is similar to the ADM Judge screen.  The Show Other screen shows:


The system can record a BSB and account number for payments, or just the text.  Entry opening and closing dates, whether emails for submitted entries should go to the CA, the ACA or both, whether videos are allowed or the contest is for videos only can be selected.


Note that once the admin for one primary contest is setup, it can be copied to another primary contest by using the Copy button top right.





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