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BH Organiser Module





BH Organiser Module


The components of the desktop system can be set up from this page.


The first actions are to install the pre-requisites:



Just click on the links in order.


With respect to SQL Server Express, install using Windows Authentication only (which is the default).


Microsoft will attempt to protect you when you come to download the BHOrganiser module itself.  What you need to do will vary a bit from browser to browser and how your system defaults have been set.  The following (which is using Microsoft Edge) will give some idea:


Click on the BHOrganiser link and start the download.  In the top right of the screen you should get something like:


Put the mouse cursor over the right hand end of the notice to show.  (Note that the figure in brackets after the file name is the number of times there has been an attempt to download a file with the same name).


Click on the three dots to display a menu and then click on Keep.



Microsoft will still attempt to protect you:



Click on Show More and then Keep Anyway.  Note that the file has been signed with a code signing certificate and should show the correct author!!


If you are lucky, you are nearly getting there and will be given the option to open the file (which means to run it).


The Microsoft default setting for the browser will mean that if you attempt to run the file, the system will go to the Microsoft Store - this will be no help.  If this is the case, go to the computer settings, System Apps (Windows 10) or Apps > Apps and Features (Windows 11).



If the setting is on the Microsoft Store, you will need to change it to Anywhere as in:



Click on Open File.  If the BHOrganiser suite has previously been installed on the system, you may get the option of repairing or removing the old version. If you do, remove it.


Click again on Open File and you may have finally beaten the system into submission and the installer starts to work!!


The final items on the BH Organiser Module page allow you to down load the system manuals.



For a new installation, you will need to run BHSetup to install and initialise the databases on the local system.  If you are doing an upgrade, you may need to run BHDBUpdate.




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