Welcome to the BHA and BHNZ Contest Entry Website

  Forthcoming BHA and BHNZ Regional and/or National Contests which are planned are listed in the table below.  The table will be updated as arrangements are finalised. 

There are no specific qualification requirements for regional contests.  However, for national contests, there may be qualification requirements for some individual contests. 

At both regional and national contests, quartets are not be able to complete their entry until all four members are registered and fully members of BHA or BHNZ as the case may be. For 2021, the BHNZ National Contest, all singers must be registered delegates to the convention. There is no delegate requirement for the 2021 BHA National Contest.

Chorus entries can be submitted without the chorus list being finalised  However, the entries themselves including at least an indicative chorus list and song list must to be submitted by the closing date. Songs and chorus lists must be finalised no later than 7 days before contest (at both regional and national level).

Please note that if there appears to be disagreement between wording on this website and contest rules, the latter are definitive.  Plesae advise the relevant CA if you consider there is a discrepancy. 

The following is a list of forthcoming contests for which entries are open.  (Future contests for which entries are not yet open are not listed).

Contest GroupContestStart DateEnd DateEntries OpenEntries CloseCACA Email
NZ Video 2022All27 May 202227 May 202215 Apr 202214 May 2022Angie Schoneggerca.bhnz@gmail.com
TR 2022All28 May 202228 May 202204 May 202221 May 2022Kevin Daykday@xtra.co.nz
HEA South 2022All28 May 202228 May 202215 Apr 202220 May 2022Angie Schoneggerca.bhnz@gmail.com
ER 2022All04 Jun 202204 Jun 202223 Apr 202221 May 2022John Farisjgf@avmed.org.nz
BHA Video 22All30 Jun 202230 Jun 202213 May 202223 Jun 2022Linda Vinallcalindav@internode.on.net


BHA and BHNZ Members may log on to this site and enter a chorus or a quartet for a regional or national contest.   If you have not done so before, you must first register as a user on this website to obtain a login.  You will require your BH Member ID to proceed - ie your BHA or BHNZ ID as shown on the respective websites.   You must be a member of the chorus or quartet concerned.

SAI members or others wishing to enter an invitation chorus or quarter for a regional contest will also need a 'BH Member ID'.   If you have not previously had one (or have forgotten it), please email Linda Vinall calindav@internode.on.net or John Faris jgf@avmed.org.nz. Before attempting to enter, invitation SAA quartets will also need to advise the names of their members and SAA choruses the name of the person wishing to make the entry and the name(s) of the Musical Director(s). 

More information on registering as a user for this website or entering a chorus or quartet for competition, please refer to the Help menu.

For technical issues with this website, please contact John Faris: jgf@avmed.org.nz
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