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Selecting an Entry to Modify







Click on the Review or Modify Entries menu item to examine contest entries you have made (if any).  Note that if you have not got to the very last entry screen and clicked on the big SUBMIT button, the entry has not been completed.  If there are none, the screen will show:



Note that if you clicked on the SUBMIT button while make an entry, you should have received an email from the system confirming that the entry is complete.


Alternatively, if you have made any entries AND submitted the entry, something like the following will show:


In this case, the entry has not yet been submitted as the "Continue" button is showing at the right hand end of the line.  If the entry had been completed, the display would show:


Note that the button on the top right is labelled "Use Modify Mode" and the heading states that the system is currently in "Review or Completion Mode".  Completion mode refers to continuing with an entry and submitting it (although in this case the entry is complete rather than the very right button saying continue). 


Clicking on:

Note2CA will allow a note to be entered

Video Link will allow a video link to be entered

Songs List will allow the Songs List to be displayed

Entry Form will allow the Entry form to be displayed


If the ensemble had been a chorus, a button "Chorus List" would be displayed in the blank space.


Clicking on "Use Modify Mode" will allow a Songs List, a Chorus List or a by-passed Quartet membership to be completed.  For the entry in this example, clicking this button changes the display to the following:



If this were the entry for a chorus, the button "Members" would say "Chorus List".  Click on any of the buttons to make modifications to the entry:


Note2CA - write a note to the CA

Video Link - display or change a video link if this is a video entry


Note that if this is not a video entry, the following will be displayed:


If the entry is a video entry, the following will be displayed:


A video link can be entered and saved and/or tested


Members or Chorus List

Songs List


Note that to change contests, it is necessary to contact the Contest Administrator.













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