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CA Entry Review





CA Entry Review


CAs can review entries for any contest group.  The initial screens allow the specific contest group and contest to be selected:



The standard display is only for contests that are still open for entries.  View More goes back 6 months and View All goes back through the whole system.  Special is only available for root CAs and gives access to all registrations even if they were not progressed to the point of a contest group and contest being selected.


Selecting a Contest Group then allows the CA to select the specific contest:



And having selected the contest within the contest group, the display is something like:



The radio buttons top left control the display in an obvious fashion.  Note that the "Choruses" and "Quartets" radio buttons are only of any use if there is an All Ensembles contest and both choruses and quartets are mixed in the one traffic pattern.


The check boxes in each line are as follows:


Sub - the entry has been submitted

Acc - for optional CA use to indicate the entry is complete and has been accepted

Mod - the original entry has been modified

Fee - for optional CA use to indicate that any entry fee has been paid

Eval - the ensemble is requesting an evaluation

Vid - the entry will be by video

VLnk - there is a video link for the entry


The Registered By column is self-evident

The CA Proxy column will include the user name of a CA if that CA has taken over making the entry on behalf of the original registrant


The buttons have the following actions:

CA Notes - displaying any optional note(s) written by the CA about the entry (as distinct from a Note2CA which is a note written by a registrant to the CA).

Edit - allow editing of the check boxes in the line

Other - gives a list of many other functions available to the CA


Click on "Other" gives the following display:



The buttons have the following actions:


Send Email - opens the default email client on the user's computer and puts the registrant email address in the "To" field

Change Contests - allows the CA to modify the contests for which the ensemble is entered

Move2CG - allows the CA to move the entry to a different contest group

Copy2CG - allows the CA to copy the entry to a different ocntest group

Edit Registrant - allows the CA to modify the registrant mobile phone number and/or email address



Change Registrant - allows the CA to change the registrant to another registered user:



Use the paging buttons to find the new registrant or use the search box on the left to find them.  Click on Make New Registrant to do so.


Make CA Proxy - allows the CA to take over a registration as if they were the registrant - necessary for modifying an entry

Review Entry - goes to the standard review or modify entry screen for this ensemble - refer to Modify or Review Entries Help


Make New Entry Form - does just this using existing data

Make New Chorus List - does just this using existing data

Make New Songs List - does just this using existing data

Email New Forms checkbox - if checked, then clicking on any of the three Make New ... buttons will also email a copy of the new form to the registrant

Entry Form - display the entry form

Chorus List - display the chorus list form

Songs List - display the songs list form

Video Link - show any video link - one link per round



In this example, there is no link as it was not a video entry.  However, a link could be entered and saved and/or it may be played by using the Test Link button.


Delete - bye bye registration - it will be gone for ever!!
















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