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On-Line Scoring System


For most contests, judges will be present in person at contest and the ADM Judge will enter scores directly into BHOrganiser.  However, there is the capability for scores to be entered on-line by the scoring judges. 


For both on-line and in person scoring, the setup of the contest group is the same for both types of scoring.  This starts on the contests website and then continues in BHOrganiser including having an order of appearance, judges and rounds and sessions and a traffic pattern.  For on-line scoring, the contest group is uploaded back to the website ready for the scoring to take place.


The display for the scoring judges and for the contest administrator are similar but not identical - the latter has control over the scoring, can modify scores and the order of the songs and can view the scoring progress throughout. 


Typically after having checked that the order for the songs is correct, the ADM Judge will open the scoring for a given ensemble and the scoring judges are then able to enter their scores (without seeing the scores from other judges in the first instance).  After entering their own scores for the particular entrant, the scoring judges can see the scores from the other judges.  The scoring judges can then modify their own scores, if required, and finally confirm that they are happy with their scores for the two songs.  When all scoring judges have confirmed that they are happy with their scores, the ADM Judge will move the contest onto the next performance.  At the end of all the scoring, the ADM Judge downloads the contest from the central server back into BHOrganiser and completes processing for the contest in the usual fashion. 






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