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Scoring Action





On-Line Scoring Action


The on-line scoring itself is a little different for the scoring judges and the CA(s). 


Scoring Judges


The first action is to select the contest group to score:



If you are not a judge for the Contest Group (or later for a selected primary contest), you may get a message such as the following.  (This will also occur if the ADM Judge has not yet setup the contest).



Select the primary contest:



Assuming you are a judge, then selecting the primary contest, in this case the All Quartets Competition will give the following:



The ensembles, in their order of appearance, is shown on the left.  It is possible to go forward or backwards in this OOA if required.  On the right, the top control allows the judge to return to the primary contest selection.


The next control is a checkbox labelled, Enable Autorefresh.  When selected, the page will automatically refresh every few seconds to show progress.  Note, however, that if the screen has started to refresh and the user attempts to enter values or click buttons, the refresh will still continue and the attempts to enter values or click buttons can be lost.


In this display, note a few lines below that the ADM Judge has not yet opened the scoring for this performance.  Periodically clicking the Enable Autorefresh check box will refresh the screen and, if scoring is now enabled, the display will change to:



If the ADM Judge has detected the songs are being sung in the reverse order, you can expect the ADM Judge will have corrected this before enabling the scoring.  The Music judge, particularly, should be checking that the ADM Judge does have the order correct.


If this had been a video entry (rather than a live feed), a link to the specific performance will be shown at the bottom of the screen together with a button that can be clicked to view the performance.


Enter the scores and click Save.  (If you are on the wrong performance or don't want to save the scores, click the Cancel button).


Having entered the scores, the display will change to the following:


You can now see the scores of all the judges including your own.  The Enable Autorefresh checkbox can be useful while waiting for other judges to enter their scores.


The Omit check box is only used by the ADM Judge if it is necessary to omit the score from a specific judge - a very unusual occurrence but it could be caused, for example, by the temporary unavailability of a judge for one performance.


If a judge wishes to change his or her score, click on the Score button to do so.



The "Pending" at the right hand end of each row of scores indicates that the judge has not yet confirmed their own score.  (The ADM Judge will not progress to the next entrant until all scores are confirmed).  Click on the Confirm Score button to do so.


Click on the Next Entrant button to move to the next entrant.  (Alternatively, select the next entrant from the display on the left of the screen).


If the contest is a pure video entry contest using links not a live stream, the ADM Judge will have watched all the videos, checked the order of the songs and then enabled scoring for all the entries.


An entrant or one of the songs may have had a penalty already applied before scoring has taken place. 



In the case of a global penalty, eg contestant withdrawn, the display may show this - scoring is not possible (unless the ADM Judge clears the penalty).





If a particular song has been penalised, the display will show this - scoring is still possible:





Contest Administrators


The ADM Judge selects the Contest Group and Primary Contest from the same screens as shown above.  Once the Primary Contest has been selected, the display changes to:



The display on the left has extra columns to show the time on stage, the scores as already entered and the rank at this point in the contest.  The Reset Scoring and Enable Scoring buttons have effects on the whole round and have obvious actions.  The Enable Autorefresh is particularly useful for the ADM Judge to monitor the scoring once the performance is complete.  Ignore the Stress Testing check box as it is not available for most CAs (but allows multiple hits to be made on the website in short succession).


The Disable Scoring disables it for just this entrant while Disable All Scoring acts on the whole round.


The ADM Judge can confirm a score for a scoring judge by clicking on the Confirm button next to the judges score.  As has happened in this case, the score for the Music Judge has been confirmed so the button is replaced by text saying so.






The ADM Judge can click on the Select button next to the name of a scoring judge and enter the scores for that judge.









Having entered a score and clicking Save, the score appears in the








The Modify Song Order is self-evident


Use the Up and Down buttons to change the order.  Click End Modify Order when complete.


When all scoring has been finished, the ADM Judge will download the Contest Group back into BHOrganiser and proceed in that program as if the scores had been entered into that program.



If a penalty has been applied to an entrant or just to a song, the ADM Judge can clear the penalty by clicking on the Enable/Disable this Scoring button which will instead read Clear Penalty.  This is a one way action on the website and a penalty cannot be reapplied.






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