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Contest Entry Start





Confirming Chorus or Quartet Representative Details


The first stage in the process of entering a chorus in a contest is for the chorus or quartet representative to confirm their mobile phone number and email address.



If the details have changed from those in the BHA or BHNZ records or from when you registered as a user on the entry system, you will get a warning.



If the details are not correct, click Update and do so.  If or when they are correct, click Continue.


Note that if the details are updated, the representative, known as the registrant, needs to ensure their BHA or BHNZ record on Harmony Site is updated or there might be a problem recovering a username or recovering a password.


In the help pages describing the chorus or quartet entry process, the text is in the second person ("you") referring to the ensemble representative or registrant.


After clicking Continue, the registrant is given the list of contest groups for which contest entries are open.  Select the appropriate Contest Group by using the Select button. 





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