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Chorus Member Selection








The Member Selection page allows you to select which members of the Club or Chapter will be singing in the particular contest. 



Note that dates of birth have been erased for privacy reasons.


The radio buttons at the top of the screen allow you to:


Display all the members of the Club/Chapter OR those you have selected OR those you have not selected; and

Tell the system whether the chorus has a single director, a director and assistant director or two co-directors


The display may also be set to show all members of the chorus, just the members that have been selected or just those members who have not been selected.


The display shows whether the chorus member is also a member of either BHA or BHNZ as indicated in the "Mem" column.  If the chorus member is not active in the parent organisation, the value in the Mem column is "No" and backgrounded in pink.  Some conventions require that all singers are registered delegates.  If this is the case, the display of the chorus members may have an extra column showing whether or they are a registered delegate.  Those who are not registered as a delegate have "No" next to their names backgrounded in pink.


Note that both BHA and BHNZ have a minimum chorus size of 9 members (not including the Director). 


The selection of a Director, Director and Assistant, or two Co-Directors only affects what the MC will read out during the introduction of the chorus at contest.  Contest rules refer to only a single Director in both numbers for a chorus and for determining if a mixed chorus has no more than the maximum allowable number of males or the maximum allowable number of females.  (A mixed chorus can be made up entirely of non-binary members in either country).  Click the Toggle MD button to select a Director (or Co-Director).  If a Director is selected and the radio button is selected as Director and Assistant, clicking the Toggle MD button a second time, will select the member as an Assistant MD.


To select or de-select a singer, click on the Toggle Singer button.  All the current BHA or BHNZ members may be selected together by clicking on the Select All button. 


It is not possible to select or de-select a singer or the Director(s) unless the members are current members and, if the Contest Group has compulsory delegate registration, the members are registered as delegates at the Convention. 


In the following screen shot, Frank B is not a current member of BHA (even though a member of the chorus) and nobody has yet registered as a delegate.  Note that the Contest Group now has compulsory delegate registration and the "Del" column has been added to the display.



It is possible the chorus list cannot be finalised because too many members are not yet current BHA or BHNZ members or too many are not yet delegates.  If this is the case and you click on the next button, you will get a warning as follows:



It is possible, however, to delay submission of the chorus member list by clicking on the Bypass Chorus List button.  The convention organisers may, nevertheless want an indication of the likely chorus size.  If this is the case and the Contest Group is set up this way, the next screen may ask for such a declaration


If, on the hand, the Director(s) and sufficient members of hte chorus could be selected, clicking on Next will take you to the specific Contest Selection page.  (Clicking on the Bypass Chorus List button may take you straight to the specific Contest Selection page if the contest organisers do not need an early indication of chorus sizes and have not requested the contest entry system ask for it).







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