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Chorus Contest Selection







It is next necessary to select the specific contests in which the chorus wishes to compete.  The entry system will offer the contests for which is appears the chorus is eligible.  The full list of contests available in this section of the Contest Group were given in an earlier section of the entry process.


You should note that the list of contests offered is based on both the whole list of contests on offer AND the chorus registration with either BHA or BHNZ, eg whether it is a men's, women's or mixed chorus and whether it meets the requirements for being either a senior or a youth chorus.  If the list being offered on this page seems incorrect, the first thing to check is the registration of the chorus with either BHA or BHNZ as the case may be.  (For other categories of chorus, eg invitational or schools, check with the CA).


Click on the Register/De-Register Entry buttons to select or deselect the contests required.  In this example, the Men's Chorus Competition has been selected, but the Open Chorus Competition has not yet been selected.


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