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The next page allows you to record the songs your chorus will sing.  The number of songs required for the contest will determine the number of lines in the song list on the left.  For all regional contests and all chorus contests, only two songs will be required.  (For the Open Quartet contest, four lines will be shown).


Songs can be entered in two different ways:


Firstly, the name of the song can be entered directly into the box on the left at the bottom of this column:



Having entered the name of the song, click on the Assign button in the display immediately above it (next to the place for the particular song of course).









After clicking the assign button, the entry system will ask for the names of the composer(s) of the song and the name of the arranger.  The radio buttons on the right allow you to select whether the composer(s) wrote both the words and the music or there are separate composers for each.  The display below shows a song with only a single line for the composer(s) as the words and music were written by the same person (or pair of people).


For some contests, the entry system may ask for the duration of the song.  (This may be required by APRA for a live stream so they can calculate the royalties required - usually only a BHA National Contest or a Pan Pac Contest).


When the details have been entered, click on Save.


Allternatively, a song title or partial song title can be entered into the search box on the right.  Click Search and a list of songs matching the title will be displayed:




If there are more than 10 songs matching the title or partial title, a navigation bar will appear beneath the search box. 


Click on Select to indicate the specific choice, or click on Clear to start again.








After selecting the song (ensuring you click on the appropriate arranger name if possible), click on the appropriate Assign button on the left.


Many of the songs in the library already have the name of the composers.



If you do select a song, you will be required to enter the names of the composer(s) and the arranger.  Similarly, if you do submit the song list at this time and you are asked for a duration for the song, it will need to be entered or you will not be able to proceed.  (Click on the Copyright button next to the song to get the text box for the song duration).


If, however, you do not know the details, simply do not enter the name of the song and you will be able to proceed to the next screen by clicking on the Next button to proceed to certify the entry of behalf of the chorus and sign it.


If you need to, you can come to this page and you only want to update the name of the composer(s) and/or arrangers, you can click the Copyright button next to the name of a song and make modifications.


If you have entered a song but then realise you do not have all the details, you can click on the Clear button next to the song that is giving trouble.  You must, however, provide a song list no later than 10 days prior to contest.  To update or complete a song list after the entry has been submitted, use the Modify or Review Entries menu item.


Note that BHA and BHNZ contest rules do require that a song list that includes the songs to be sung at the contest but the songs may be sung in any order.




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