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Chorus Entry Submission







The final action required is to submit the entry.  The screen appears as shown here:




The first thing to note in this case, is the line in red at the top of the screen reminding you that a song list has not yet been submitted.  The same message is included in a box at the bottom of the screen which is a note that is sent electronically to the CA.  You can modify this note or add to it if there is a message you wish to send, eg a request to sing earlier or later in the contest and the reasons for the request, etc...  If you do put in a note (or modify a note such as the one already given by the system in this case), click on the Save Notes button to do so.


You can review the Entry Form, the Chorus List or the Song List by clicking on the appropriate button.


When you are happy with the entry, click the Submit button to do so.  After a few moments, the system will confirm (unless the wiggly electrons have a mind of their own) that the entry has indeed been submitted and an email sent to the ADM Judge to this effect.



You will get a confirmatory copy of the email as well.  And now all you need to do is practice the songs and be ready for contest!!  Good luck.




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