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Quartet Entry Overview







The quartet entry process goes through a number of stages which will be described shortly.


Note that to enter a BHA or BHNZ chorus in a contest, the person making the registration MUST be a current financial member of the BHA or BHNZ, MUST be a member of the Chorus and the Chorus MUST be currently registered with BHA or BHNZ.


For international Quartetes,such as enter a Pan Pac Contest, the ADM Judge will ensure the Quartet meets the equivalent requirements on request.  Similarly, the ADM Judge will ensure the setup of an invitational or school's Quartet is such that the nominated Quartet representative is able to enter the Quartet in a contest.


The entry process steps through a number of web pages gathering information on the entry:


1.          Confirming the mobile phone number and email address of the Quartet representative in the Initial Steps

2.          Selecting the Quartet the representative wishes to enter in contest.  (Some representatives may be a member of more than one Quartet).

3.          Confirming the contest sub group and the list of contests into which the entry is to be made.

4.          Confirming the membership of the Quartet - this may be delayed to a later time

5.          Confirming the specific contests

6.          Entering the songs to be sung - this may be delayed to a later time

7.          Certifying the Quartet will meet the contest rules

8.          Confirming the details of the entry, making any note to be brought to the attention of the ADM Judge and finally submitting the entry.

9.          The website will confirm that an email has been sent to the ADM Judge (with a copy to the Quartet representative making the entry).


To register a Quartet, click on the Quartet Registration button.  You will first be asked to confirm your email address and mobile phone number.  The email address should be (but does not need to be) the same as in the BHA or BHNZ database (or for internatoinal delegates, the email address you used to register for convention).  If the email addresses are NOT the same, you may have difficulty if you lose your username and need to recover it.  (The form is the same for both Quartets and Choruses).






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