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Quartet Contest Group Selection





After the quartet representative has confirmed their contact details, the next step in the entry process is to select the correct Contest Group ie a regional contest, a regional video contest or a national convention.



Click on the appropriate Select button to select the Contest Group in which you wish to make an entry.


Having selected the correct Contest Group, you will be given a list of the choruses, if any, of which you are a member.  If you are not a member of (or affiliated with) any chorus, you will get an error:




On the other hand, if you are a member of any quartet, you will get a list of the quartets of which you are a member and you can select one of these by clicking on the appropriate Select button:



If there is no specific contest in the selected contest group available for your particular quartet, you will get a warning:


If you get this warning, you should check you selected the right contest group, check your quartet is registered correctly with BHA or BHNZ and if you still consider you should be able to enter a contest in the selected contest group, contact the CA.


If a contest entry has been started, but not completed, you can restart the process and pick up from where you left off as if you were starting again.  However, individual contest selection, member selection and song selection, if they had been completed, will be retained.


If the entry had been submitted, however, you will get a message saying so.  You can still modify the entry by using the Modify or Review Entries menu item.


If the entry had been started by somebody, you will not be able to proceed.  You can, however, email the ADM Judge and they can make you the (new) quartet representative and entry registrant.


You will be taken to the next page in the quartet Entry process, Selecting the section or Contest Sub Group in which you wish to make an entry.





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