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Quartet Contest Sub Group Selection







For most Contest Groups, there will be only a single section (or group of individual contests) in which you will want to make an entry.  However, this might not be so.  If, for example, the Youth Chorus contest was combined with a Schools Contest, there might be separate traffic patterns for Open Quartets and the Youth Quartets/School Quartets.  However, in most cases, you will be give a single option such as:



Note, as mentioned on the page, that if there is a separate Youth/Schools contest, a Youth Quartet would need to put in two separate entries, one for the Open and a second for the Youth/Schools contest if the Quartet wanted to compete in both. 


Note that all the separate contests are displayed, not just the contests for which your particular Quartet might be eligible.


Click on the appropriate (or only) Select button to proceed to the next stage in the entry process, confirming the Members of the Quartet.






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