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Quartet Member Confirmation





The Member Confirmation page allows you to confirm the members of the quartet.  Note that for BHA and BHNZ quartets, membership is determined from the BHA and BHNZ websites respectively.  For invitational, delegate and schools' quartets, the membership is set by the ADM Judge in the contests database.  The membership cannot be updated directly by the quartet representative.



Whether the quartet member is a current member of BHA or BHNZ is shown in the "Mem" column.  If this is a National Convention and delegate registration is required, an additional column "Del" will be displayed showing whether the quartet member has been registered as a delegate or not.  It is not possible to confirm the quartet membership until all members are members of BHA or BHNZ as the case may be and, if required, they are registered as delegates to convention.


It is possible to continue with the entry and return to confirming quartet membership at a later date but no later than 10 days prior to contest.  To continue with the entry at this point, click on the Bypass Quartet Members button.  If the quartet members are all valid, the Bypass Quartet Members button is not enabled.


If you are in a position to confirm the quartet membership (and they meet the membership and any delegate requirements), click on the Next button to proceed to the specific Contest Selection page.


More detailed screen shots are given in the Chorus Member Declaration section of this help.




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